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WEBrimium® established in 2009 is a fast-growing provider of hosting solutions. Our products ranges from web space on powerfull servers, capable of providing quality services, through to our unique dedicated servers for the most demanding users.

WEBrimium® entered the web hosting market with managed shared hosting. In the 2010 we expanded our services with reseller hosting, dedicated servers, linux and windows VPS, game servers, VOIP services (Ventrilo/Teamspeak). In the middle of 2011 we decided to stop providing game servers and VOIP services so we focused on expanded our dedicated and virtual servers. Now our network is growing up very fast and we are able to provide reliable services in US and EU and we are able to offer even more services with a great variety.



WEBrimium® hosting Servers contain at minimum:

  • Quad-Core 64-bit processors
  • 12+ GB Ram
  • SSD and 1000 RPM hard drives (RAID Based)
  • 1GBps premium network


    We have a lot of knowledge around web hosting services and our staff are people who have at least 3+ years in this market. While you are in WEBrimium® you will enjoy the benefits of our services and you will love our Support Center.

    Whatever you are looking for WEBrimium® can guarantee to you that you will find a service that will sutisfy all your needs and please you 100%. If we fail to cover your needs we will give you a full refund.

    Our Network

    WEBrimium® has data centers and network points-of-presence (POPs) in the United States (Scranton and New York), and is constantly expanding our reach. Redundant 10-Gigabit Ethernet circuits are used across the entire core of the network, to reduce the risks of internal congestion due to DDoS attacks, and to maintain optimal flexibility. Our network is fully meshed, using BGP and OSPF, and redundant with a wide selection of backbone providers, as well as hundreds of direct peering relationships globally. IPv6 connectivity has also been available on the WEBrimium® network for years now. The network is a fully switched network, configured with each individual client service on its own VLAN, to prevent the packet sniffing of connections/traffic. The WEBrimium® network has been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance. There is a central focus on redundancy, allowing our network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity.


    WEBrimium® LLC
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone Num: 1-855-200-0043
    Postal: An. Kastrinaki 31 4th Floor
    Herakleion 71305, Greece

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